Two employees fight to save a business, and themselves.

Cast and Other Information

ZORGNOX'S DEPOSITORY OF EARTH SUNDRIES, located on the scenic dwarf planet ABROCONIA somewhere in the Milky Way Galaxy. Established at some point after a mysterious war, the store spans many locations but this location? It's not doing too well, so our heroes need to stop their bosses from torpedoing the whole thing and blaming it on them.

Subject M
BIRTHDATE May 18, 1985
HEIGHT About 3 feet
WEIGHT More than you'd think
First Appearance
SUBJECT M, or M'peck, has been working at Zorgnox's Depository of Earth Sundries for a long time and likes the job, but likes the random Earth pop culture they get even more. He fears the oceans and has a past with someone who resembles a certain video game character but we never said his name so you can't prove it's actually him.
BIRTHDATE October 2, 1994
HEIGHT About 4 feet
WEIGHT About what you'd think
First Appearance
XEN, or Solana Xen, accidentally trespassed on Zorgnox's planetoid and was sent to work at Zorgnox's Depository of Earth Sundries as punishment, as seen in the second comic. No one's really asked her what she was doing, where she was going, or any questions about her past but she does have a strange app on her phone and tends to change her hair regularly. 
BIRTHDATE: June 6, 1966
HOMEWORLD: Abroconia
HEIGHT: About 3 feet
WEIGHT: The weight of a leader is high indeed
First Appearance
FOST, or Manager F, was put in charge of this branch of the store and is therefore the one who's responsible for its poor performance though he's more than happy to pin it on underlings. He has a scarred blinded eye and a beard, the former of which is completely real while the latter probably isn't. How did he get that scar? Why is he such a jerk? We'll probably find out eventually.
BIRTHDATE July 4, 1976
HEIGHT 90.860497476 cm
WEIGHT 72.506748 kg
First Appearance
MELMAN, as he prefers to be known apparently, is the store's assistant manager and handles finances, upkeep, and probably a lot of other things. He doesn't talk much, or maybe at all, yet he's quite loyal to Fost and vice versa. 
BIRTHDATE December 25, 1981
HEIGHT Tall enough to kick your d*mned teeth in
WEIGHT Enough to make that kicking f*cking hurt
First Appearance
QUAZM, or Guard Q, is the store's shrink prevention specialist. For those of you who haven't worked retail, this means he stops people from stealing, often employing rather extreme violence against minor perpetrators. He may also be somewhat responsible for people not coming. In any case, he has a scar and enjoys a bit of the ol' ultra-violence when he gets a chance. He also has a speech impediment which poorly censors his frequent profanities.
First Appearance
ZORGNOX, as you would call him if you wished to ignore his many titles including CEO, Emperor, Techlord, King, Grand Marquis, and many others, has many business ventures going on right now, one of which is the titular store which is just one of many. He came to prominence during a war in the not too distant past and gained a reputation as being, as the kids put it, one bad mofo. After the war, he parlayed his military victories into success in the private vector.

Zorgnox's assistant probably knows more about him, but we've only seen her once, she's a woman with a snake body and crab claws and it's a whole thing. Her name is Matilda. 
MAN WHO BEARS A STRIKING RESEMBLENCE TO A WELL-KNOWN VIDEO GAME AVATAR (First Appearance) did something to Subject M and Quazm at some point, though that's currently all we know about him for everything else you may think you know about him is false.
MATILDA (First Appearance) is Zorgnox's assistant and is always ready to serve her master. She seems to enjoy her life.
SALLY (First Appearance) is a Krasivayain who works at Zorgnox's Depository of Earth Sundries, She belongs to a race so radioactive they're unable to interact with other races lest they melt them with their radioactivity. She's fun.
GLOB (First Appearance) is one of the other clerks at Zorgnox's Depository of Earth Sundries. He has a bad attitude.
ANTON, (First Appearance) or Zaphkiel, is, purportedly, an angel who is chief of the order of thrones and one of the nine angels that rule Heaven; as well as an archangel. Whether or not this is true has yet to be seen, though he takes an odd delight in sexualizing mortals and antagonizing Stolas whom he was summoned to defeat. He can shoot quinoa out his mouth and is kind of a jerk. Anton recently joined the Hell's Belles team.
BACO, (First Appearance) or Stolas, was said to be a Great Prince of Hell, commands twenty-six legions of demons. He teaches astronomy and is knowledgeable about herbs, plants, and precious stones. He readily admits this was somewhat embellished and seems relatively harmless, save for the ability to shoot coffee from his mouth, much to the chagrin of Fost who summoned the demon to do wicked deeds. He is decidedly more virtuous than Anton.
PEVERTO (First Appearance) came to Abroconia in order to find Xen and proceeded to take out her and Quazm before being felled through Fost's leadership, Subject M's energy blasts, and Melman's enginnering know-how. It is currently being reprogrammed.
The HELL'S BELLES staff (First Appearance), Purga and Lyssa, are two demons just trying to get their store together.
MILTY, (First Appearance), or MLT-E6, is a robot whose job is to review incoming patients and seeing if they require medical assistance. If they do and he's unable to provide it with shots, pills, and basic remedies he sends them on to...
CEESIA (First Appearance), an amphibious female life-form. with medical training. She takes care of the patients Milty is unable to help. She likes a night out occassionally.


ZORGNOX'S DEPOSITORY OF EARTH SUNDRIES is one of the many stores located in their retail plaza, as are most locations strewn across the galaxy. All have a typical layout and are situated for the ease and comfort of any galactic traveler, with all employees housed on-planet but off-site, with proper medical faciilties. 
1 - Calming Matrilineal Figure's Appetizing Vegetable Product Meal Location
2/3 - Pijong Fitness
4 - Unoccupied
5 - Walibeaux's Wearables
6 - Hell's Belles
7 - Alton Securities
8 - Terrestrial Movement
9 - Zorgnox's Depository of Earth Sundries
10 - Orb Mart
11 - Vapid Momentary Distractions
12 - Trichop's Creature Comforts
13 - Jannix Fine Curiosities
14/15/16 - Anatomical Adjustments
17 - Bureau of Galactic Communications
18 - Galactic Federal
19 - Lara
20 - Empire Cinemas 8
21 - Employee Services
22 - Operations
23 - Storage